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Babbling with Bookcomet (10#)



When does too many unread books become too many?

Now hold up a second. I’m talking about everything here. ARCs, purchased books, library books…Surely it gets to a point where enough is enough?

Well I think it does.

For book bloggers and reviewers, this is especially hard. There is a lot of pressure to read certain books and new releases, blah, blah and many of us feel that we have to be on top of it.


Purchased books:
Yikes. Just yikes.
I don’t know if many of you look at your shelves and say yikes. I do. I love having physical copies of books because I am prone to rereading an adore being able to hold what I’m reading.
I know personally (yep it’s getting personal) that I don’t actually like reading my own books because I tend to buy really hyped up books because I’m a little bit of a sheep when it comes to my taste in books. This also means that I have high hopes to read it and once it’s read, it’s read. Scarily it’s a big thing for me to read one of my own books and that is not a good thing. I buy books to read them, right? Granted, I do spend a lot more time looking lovingly at them though.


I think it becomes too much when you just have so many that you’d struggle to read them all in a few months (oops) and yet you still keep buying more. And this, of course, can lead to the controversial book buying ban (don’t worry, that’s going to have to be another post).


Eurgh, ARCs. Don’t get me started. I still remember getting approved for my first ARC. I was worryingly excited. Man, I still get over excited if I see an author request or approval. Then, the other day, I was looking over my unread books and got to my Kindle and was like “No. Just no.”

Then I wanted to have one of those conferences like they do on telly where they’re like “Hi my name is suchandsuch and I’m addicted to blahblah” but it would have been kind of boring because there would have been no one to chorus “Hi Olivia” after I introduced myself. Kind of takes away the point, you know?
But yes I now have an epic cut down on ARCs program which I have titled “Project Olivia Will Refrain From Requesting Too Many Arcs and Will Get Reading Them and Will Not Create Herself a Support Group”. You know, nothing special. Not a mouthful at all.


And then there is library books. Um, how many of us have willpower to walk into a library and not come out with arm loads full of books? Not many. Then they pile up and library books have to be returned (well I HOPE you return them) and then they get read and ARCs and purchased books get shoved to one side. Catch my drift?

Soooo…how much is too much for you? What do you do when you think you have hit a limit (or what should be)?